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Message From Jochen Brand

My name is Jochen Brand, born in Germany in 1958 as the firstborn son of four brothers. Due to my family-background music became the source of my joy especially playing guitar and singing in a rock’n’roll band as a teenager.  After a few years, my bad lifestyle has taken revenge: as a chain smoker, I took daily different kinds of drugs, was regularly drunk, and thought that ‘sex & drugs & rock’n’roll’ would make me happy.

When demons attacked me at night-time dramatically, I knew that it was time for me to change my life and I asked my family and friends to rescue me. Unfortunately, there was nobody able even to understand my problem until GOD Himself interfered in May 1978.  Someone invited me to visit an evangelistic event in my hometown and there I listened to the Gospel of Salvation for the first time in my life. After receiving JESUS as my personal LORD and Saviour I experienced a ‘180-degree-turn’: literally, everything was transformed -  CHRIST set me free in one moment from cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol!  Even the devil lost his influence on me and I became a real disciple of JESUS by the mercy and grace of the living GOD.  For now 44 years of blessing I would like to share my experience with the whole world and let people know: JESUS ​​saves, heals, and sets free!  You’re most welcome to listen to my biblical messages regularly on this channel: GOD will bless you abundantly!


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